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Australian Migration News
Updated Useful Links
August 22, 2016

Further to our popular blog post last year, below is an updated list of useful links to help with your move or holiday to Australia! Finding a job 🔎 seek.com.au careerone.com.au bluecollar.com.au – Trade and technical jobs jobnet.com.au – IT Jobs careerjet.com.au jobisjob.com.au pedestrian.tv/jobs  jobsearch.gov.au/job/search jobserve.com/au au.all-the-jobs.com adzuna.com.au au.gradconnection.com hays.com.au EthicalJobs.com.au www.jobbydoo-au.com – searches main […]

Meeting the English requirement is often one of the most difficult steps potential migrants face when trying to apply for an Australian visa. The English tests are not easy, let alone if you have a visual, hearing or learning disability. Passports issued by the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or […]

The Australian Government have announced a new pathway to Permanent Residence for New Zealand Special Category visa (SCV) holders who arrived after 26 February 2001, who have lived in Australia for the last five years and shown a commitment and contribution to Australia. *This new pathway will not be available until July 2017*. To be […]

If you are thinking of coming to Australia to travel or live, planning is very important! This blog post will be updated regularly with useful links related to cost of living in Australia, Taxes, finding a job and much more.    Finding a job 🔎 seek.com.au careerone.com.au bluecollar.com.au – Trade and technical jobs jobnet.com.au – IT Jobs careerjet.com.au […]

What is a “certified copy”?
August 25, 2015

Many documents required for visa applications and skills assessments need to be “certified copies”. What is a “certified copy”? A ‘certified copy’ is a copy of an original document. This means you do not need to send original documents like your birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of identity to the Immigration Department. Instead, you […]

Alternative English Tests
June 1, 2015

There are now alternative English tests accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). IELTS is not the only test! For most visa subclasses, these alternative English tests are accepted for applications lodged on or after 1 January 2015. So how do you decide which test to take? Some people choose based on […]

Australian Migration News
May 18, 2015

Australia’s migration laws change very frequently and it’s my job as a Registered Migration Agent to keep up with those changes. These changes could be specific eligibility requirements for a visa. For example, the type of English tests that are allowed and the required test scores, what is considered an eligible occupation or if you […]

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